YWCA McLean Labyrinth Soy Candle-Serenity

YWCA McLean Labyrinth Soy Candle-Serenity

$ 30.00

Serenity Candle

Net Weight: 12 oz.
Estimated Burn Time: 70 hours.
Cool lake water, shade trees, & moss-covered stone
The Serenity Candle™ was designed by the women of YWCA Labyrinth Outreach to capture what serenity means to us as we overcome obstacles and rebuild our lives. Each of these hand-filled candles conveys a serene moment by the lakeside. When you light a Serenity Candle, you light a beacon for new lives lived with dignity and self-worth. Your purchase lets the Labyrinth sisterhood know that people care about us and our well-being.

*100% of proceeds from every purchase are reinvested to create opportunities that empower women, who have experienced incarceration, by providing support and resources required to rebuild their lives.

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